We have all heard that pregnancy is a gift. However, many of venture through pregnancy without knowing any facts. In reality, we tend to learn as we go along the pregnancy. But while this may be okay near the end of your pregnancy you need to educate yourself. That is because once the baby arrives you would be expected to nurse the child. Thus, you cannot venture into this chapter totally unaware.

No Periods

After not getting your periods for nine months you may have forgotten about the horrors that you have to endure. However, after giving birth it is possible to avoid getting your period. That is through breastfeeding. Many people don’t realize this but when you’rebreastfeeding you are unlikely to get your periods. That is because the hormone prolactin that is released during breastfeeding wards off your ovulation cycles. But we understand that many parents stop breastfeeding after some months. However, what you may not know is that breastfeeding for a year has its advantages. For instance, it has been revealed that exclusive breastfeeding wards off periods for at least 14 months.

You Can Drink

For nine months you have avoided taking even a sip of alcohol to protect the health of your baby. But once you begin breastfeeding it is possible for one to drink once in a while. However, one should keep in mind that the blood-alcohol levels are equal to the milk- alcohol levels. Hence, one should make sure not to drink immediately before the child should be fed.  Thus milk produced immediately after drinking is useless. But this does not mean that you should stop pumping milk at this time. That is because if you stop the milk would begin to harden. This would thus become extremely painful and hard to touch. Therefore due to this reason continue to pump. But this milk should then promptly be thrown away. Furthermore, one should make sure to control their alcohol consumption. That is because research reveals alcohol affects the level of milk produced

Sleep Better

As soon as the baby starts crying the first thing you would do is feed the child. That is because this would appear to be the obvious solution. As soon as the baby gets full he/she would begin to sleep. However, many parents fail to realize that they too sleep during the nursing. That is because during this time the body will go on to release a chemical called oxytocin.

We understand that breastfeeding would be a completely new chapter in your life. But if you follow this article you would be able to obtain some assistance.

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