When caring for the elderly, the most important role is to love them and keep them active. This is the surest way you can keep them happy and healthy for longer. Whether you are caring for them in the comfort of your own home or visiting them or moving them to an elderly home or senior centre, there are many ways you can help them. However, wherever you intend to help, it is important to plan, do some hard work and show your loved ones guidance in a thoughtful way. Here are a few steps that you can follow initially.

Planning Ahead

Undoubtedly many children will have to provide the necessary assistance for their parents at some point. So planning ahead is crucial as it is the best way to solve any issues instead of leaving it to a last-minute emergency for example, a sudden illness or injury. You can also use technology to make the environment and home safe for the elderly people to move around freely. Furthermore, you can attend various aged care programs Warrnambool to educate yourself on the different ways of caring for the elderly. It is important to be vigilant and ready for any emergencies that may come up; this includes having an effective emergency plan with emergency phone numbers, first aid kits and whatever knowledge needed to assist in an emergency.

Keep Them Active

Exercise is proven to help the elderly live longer and be happier. It can protect them from various diseases and reduce their aging process by 10-15 years. The need for assisted care can be delayed by leading an active lifestyle. For those who have been sedentary for years, moderate exercise will benefit their health and lifestyle in many big ways. A daily walk or any moderate activity such as running, biking or swimming for 30 minutes 5 times a week is usually recommended; however make sure to consult a doctor before taking part in very strenuous exercises. In addition, some elderly people who are sedentary will need to be moved positions often in order to prevent painful ulcers or skin breakdowns causing infections and so on.

Watch Out For Their Physical and Mental Health

Medical conditions with the elderly are something that you will have to be alert about at all times. If they are severe, you will have to call the hospital or take them there right away. Some of the red flags that you must watch out for are signs of extreme weakness, extra forgetfulness, dizziness or lack of direction and unsteadiness. Similarly, great attentiveness must be given to mental health, which is often overlooked but is one of the surest ways that health can deteriorate rapidly if not taken care of. Keep an eye out for deep feelings of sadness or anger, lack of interest, excessive sleeping or listlessness. This transitioning time can be especially difficult for them to understand so it is important to be supportive and monitor their mental well-being as well as their physical needs and overall health.

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