Not everyone has money to throw around, especially all on a single day. If you’re unwilling to overspend on your wedding and spend the next few years of your life catching up to those expenses, we suggest you give tips we’ve mentioned below a good look!

Setting an Appropriate Budget

Budgeting is probably one of the most important parts of planning your wedding, so take your time to do it right. Remember that despite how carefully you plan, there’s going to be placed where you’ll have to unexpectedly spend for your wedding, so keep that in mind when budgeting each aspect of your wedding. Remember that too small a budget would mean cutting out a lot of things you’d like to do on your wedding, while too large a budget definitely means overspending. You should be! So take your time figuring out the budget that works best for your lifestyle.

Keeping the Guest List Small

This actually affects every aspect of your wedding; from your budget to everything else we’ve mentioned below. Thanks to technology, it’s pretty easy to still be “connected” to people you may have once knows but not have frequent contacts with them. Don’t feel pressured to invite anyone, prioritizing those most important to you and your soon to be spouse. When confused, remind yourself that the larger the guest list is, the more expensive an affair it’s going to be. Not to mention, it’ll also make planning your wedding a harder task!

Selecting a Reasonably Priced Venue

If you’ve heeded our above 2 tips, then without a doubt by now you are thinking of a cute and intimate wedding. If so, well done! Now on to the venue. Select a small reception venue Melbourne based for your special day. You can make sure it is easily accessible and that you feel joy walking into the place. Don’t take too long to put down your payment for it, for wedding venues generally get booked months in advance. If your wedding date is too close, chances are that you’ll either end up paying more than you need to for the venue, or even end up not getting the venue you desire.

Keeping Your Head When Selecting the Dress

Most women go months dreaming of their wedding dress; especially when they are in a happy relationship that is clearly moving towards marriage. In fact, we’ve been told some women dream of their ideal wedding dress even before they are in a relationship! This probably the reason why women generally tend to overspend on their wedding dress. Again, shopping well before your wedding can help you cut the costs; especially if you buy it during a sale. But the risk is that your body may alter before your wedding date, making it necessary for a refitting.

Tapping Your Friends and Family on Chores Related to the Wedding

Planning, photographing, food, music, wedding MC, decorations, door gifts. These are all things you’ll have to spend a fortune on as a whole on your wedding. One smart way to cut costs here is by asking friends and family to do this task for you. If you’re not comfortable asking your friends and family to do these for you for free, you can definitely pay them. You’ll still end up paying less than you would for a professional.

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