Even if you are already a seasoned cattle handler, cattle herding and rearing can still be really challenging. Not all cattle have the same personalities. Some are docile and easy to handle while there are also some that gets easily scared making them really difficult to control. If you’re handling cattle, you’ll need to look into some equipment and tools that would help you do the task more efficiently and easily.

Whether you have a big ranch or just a hobby farmer, here are the basic must-have tools that can be used when handling cattle.

Cattle Prods

Before, a cattle handler uses a long stick to poke or strike cattle and make them move faster and more efficiently. Nowadays, this simple tool is now a called a cattle prod. It is still used in the same way but the newer version is already an electrified device. When it touches the cow’s body, the animal senses a small electric shock which makes them turn away from that direction.

This makes it easier to move cattle at the right direction where you want them to go. Cattle prods are effective for both docile and stubborn cattle making it a popular choice for every cattle farmer. It also comes in different designs and lengths so you could find the right one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a quality cattle prod, you could conveniently buy electric prod online with a wide variety of options available for you.


If causing pain to the animals is your concern, using flags to handle cattle is a good alternative. Colourful fabrics are attached to the end of a long stick, making it resemble like a regular flag. Since the flags are colourful, it catches the attention of the cattle and could serve as a visual barrier that guides the animals to the right path.

You can use flags to help direct cattle when going in and out of barns, alleyways, and trucks. Since it is made from soft fabric, it is non-threatening to the animals and could even help in calming them down when they get nervous or agitated.

Sorting Poles and Rattle Paddles

If you need to sort cattle, sorting poles and rattle paddles are the most useful tools you can use. There will come a time when you need to sort cattle at some point and it could be difficult to do it without any tool. Sorting animals using those two tools are a lot easier.

With a rattle paddle, you can guide the cattle to where they need to go since they would pay attention to the colourful paddle at the end of the stick. A sorting pole works similarly but it doesn’t have a paddle at the end of it. Gentle cattle are easier to move with the help of these tools but it could be harder when you’re handling stubborn or aggressive ones.

Whether you have a big or small ranch, using tools can surely make your work faster and more efficient. With better efficiency, you can finish a lot of tasks in your ranch at a shorter time.

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