If you are reading this article then you may have been placed in charge of organizing a family reunion. We understand that it is always fun to get everyone together and catch up. But organizing this event would definitely prove to be a challenge. That is because you not only have to invite everyone and accommodate them. But you also have to ensure that each and every individual has an amazing time. This is crucial because you would never hear the end of it otherwise. However, you should not let these facts overwhelm you. Instead, you should get into this process with a clear mind.

Get Help

We know for a fact that you don’t know each and every extended family member. This would prove to be a problem when planning this event. That is because in order to book the restaurant in Geelong you have to give a headcount. Thus, to do this you have to talk to every single family member. This understandably would appear to be an impossible task. Therefore that is why we are suggesting that you recruit some helpers. These individuals can act as coordinators and also invite family members. Ideally, this job should be given to a senior member of the family. This means a grandmother or a grandfather. That is recommended because these people would know each and every family member.

Use Social Media

If you have a large family communicating with each of them would prove to be impossible. But in this day and age, each and every person is on social media. Furthermore, you cannot simply say that social media is limited to young people. That is because we can guarantee that even your grandmother has an account on Facebook. Therefore due to this reason, it is recommended for one to create a group or event page on social media. This way you would be able to easily communicate with everyone. Furthermore, you can also keep everyone up to date about the event. However, you also need to understand that there still could be some individuals who are not on social media. In that case, you should take the time to call and personally update them. This would help to avoid any type of conflict in the future.

Think About Outfits

One of the great ways to show the world you are a family is to get matching outfits. We are not telling you to dress everyone in the same way. But you can still go on to get matching t-shirts for every family member.

Therefore if you follow this guide you would have no trouble planning this event.

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