Are you planning your big day? While the dress, makeup, hair, decor and catering are all important, the venue is also a place you have to select after much thought. Here are some pointers for you to choose the perfect venue for your wedding.

Choose According To Your Theme

Have you already decided on a theme? Or are you planning to having a themed wedding? Then you will probably have to choose a place that aligns with your theme. Or is it a destination wedding? If so, talk with your wedding planner and decide on a few destination wedding venues. Is it going to be outside or inside? It can be either a winery or a beach or simply hired a wedding hall or your backyard. Think of your dream wedding? Choose a venue that goes with that vision.

Finish Making the Guest List

It is always better to wait until you finish making your guest list to book a venue. Have some places ready in your mind but do not rush into booking wedding venues till you finalize the number of people who you are going to invite. You need to find a place that can accommodate all the people you want to be present there. If it is going to be a smaller number of guests, then even your backyard will be enough. If not, you have to be prepared for a venue hire in Croydon to accommodate your guests.

Plan Your Budget

Remember that your venue is not the only thing you will have to spend money on. It is one of the many things among dress, makeup, invitations, food and beverages, flowers etc. even after hiring the venue, you have to spend on venue decoration too. Plan out your budget and estimate the amount you might have to spend on all these things. Prioritize your tasks, decide on what you need to spend more and on what you need to spend less. This way you can allocate a certain amount for the venue and decoration and will be able to hire a place that is both affordable and beautiful.

Talk With the Venue Staff

Once you have finalized the guest list and hired your venue, speak with the staff and the management of the venue and plan out the reception and/ or the ceremony. This will help you to get your wedding flow without any problem. You might come across venues that have certain policies about photography and the dress code. Therefore, it is very important to know the rules and regulations of the place before the actual date of the wedding and plan the day according to those.

Careful planning can help you to avoid all the small mistakes and minor glitches. Speak with your wedding planner and get their recommendation and opinion on the venues you prefer. It is important to have a place of your liking but never say no to the opinion of professionals and experts in the field.

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