Planning and conducting a memorial service that is truly meaningful and brings honour to the deceased and the family of the deceased is no easy task. Especially if it is you who has lost a loved one and now has to conduct the memorial service. It requires thorough planning that has been very well thought out. And because there is a lot that goes into there are some key aspects on how to plan a really good memorial service.

The Type of Service

Memorial services are of various kinds, such as formal or informal and tradition/sombre or a celebration of life itself. But when deciding on the type you need to remember what the deceased would have liked as well as what the whole family likes. Taking everyone into consideration will help to avoid any conflicts that may arise. Although you cannot make everyone happy, you can do your best to keep the peace.

Choose a Good Location

Depending on your race, culture and religion the location of the funeral service will vastly vary. Most importantly though, the location needs to be large enough to accommodate a very big crowd and it needs to have enough seating and also good catering so you can feed your guests if you like.

Set a Date

It is always best to bury the body as soon as it has passed because the decomposition process occurs quite rapidly. And whether or not you realize the body will start to decay. So try to set a date soon after the death of the deceased and then inform everyone about the funeral. Although delaying the funeral allows those from out of town or out of the country to be present, it is still best to have the service as early as possible.

Decide On the Order

Plan out how the service will occur. For example: first will be a few opening words, then whatever ritual it is that you want to do, then some personal reflections from family members… etc., until the end of the day. This helps keep things organized and less chaotic, thus leaving you less stressed.

Call the Experts

More often than not it is best to let the experts handle the funeral process as it leaves you less stressed and less frazzled during such an emotional time. And allows you to grieve rather than consuming your time with taking care of your guests. Places like the Exequias are there to offer you maximum help and ensure that your requirements are met. I highly recommend getting help as it will put you at ease during this emotional and difficult time in your life. Never be afraid to get help when you need it, it is a lot easier than doing it all by yourself.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan and conduct the best memorial service you can possibly conduct. And that it has helped guide you to a few much-needed answers about how to organise one too.

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