Dental implants can transform your smile and help you get back to your day to day life by allowing you to speak, eat and smile without worrying about missing teeth. But just going through the procedure will not give you access to its full benefits. You need to commit to maintaining the dental implants.

It is very important

That you maintain good oral hygiene so that your dental implants can last a long time without any changes in their function. When you visit the dental implants practice, they will let you know about the proper post-operative care and how you can maintain the implants after that for a longer time. They will teach you how to properly clean the dental implants. Sometimes it can be difficult to floss so there is special floss that can be used for this. You can also use interdental brushes to clean. You need to brush the prosthetics supported by the implants twice a day and you can use a soft bristled toothbrush for this. This is important in preventing the build up of plaque. Another item you can add is an antibacterial mouthwash. This will help reduce bacteria in the mouth.

It is best to avoid abrasive tools when maintaining your teeth.

And this means staying away from toothpastes that tend to be quite abrasive as it can scratch the surface of the prosthetics. This will then create areas for bacteria to build-up. By going to the dentist regularly, the condition of the dental implants can be monitored. So even if there is an issue, it will be identified and corrected early on so that you don’t have to suffer discomfort. During the routine dental check-ups, your implants will be examined and a professional teeth cleaning will be done. This will also be a good time to clarify any oral health concerns you have. Some people tend to grind or clench their teeth and this can also happen in sleep. So if you are prone to doing this, it is best to wear a nightguard. This will protect the implants from the pressure of grinding and you can prevent damage.

While dental implants give you a lot of freedom when it comes to food,

It is best to err on the side of caution and avoid putting excessive force on them. And this means being careful about what you eat. If you are eating sticky food or chewing on hard food, it can cause damage to the prosthetics. Then there are certain habits that can lead to complications in the healing process once you have undergone dental implant procedure. If you smoke, you need to avoid it during the days of healing and consider reducing or quitting as it can affect the effectiveness of dental implants. And it is always best to stay hydrated because your saliva production will be improved when you drink water. And this will also help prevent dry mouth. Your overall health will also have an effect on your dental implants so you need to manage chronic medical conditions, eat a healthy diet and exercise.

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