Your personal grooming and the way you dress for work is really important especially when you are working in a corporate environment where you will be judged on how you look. There is a reason why many offices follow a strict dress code. You need to be mindful of this and many other aspects when you decide on what you will be wearing to work. However all of us find it really hard to decide on what to wear and what not to wear because we are also rushed for time. Here are some helpful tips that will help you figure out how you can pick the right outfit for work.

What Is Your Office Like?

The biggest aspect of choosing your office attire would depend on the kind of office that you are working in, or in other words, your working environment. If you work in an office that is highly corporate, you will need to dress accordingly while if the working culture is a bit more relaxed, you can dress in smart casual or something a bit more relaxed. However, it is not also uncommon for certain sections of highly corporate offices to have a more relaxed dress code, especially if there is no involvement with clients directly. If you work in the service sector and you are meeting clients, it is essential that your personal grooming and dress sense is one that is professional and acceptable.

What Clothes Fall Under Business Attire?

There is business attire for both men and women and there are enough choices around as well. For men it is usually a long-sleeved shirt with tie and business trousers completed with a coat or a jacket. There are many different variations and styles as well as colours for this traditional ‘business suit. For women, there is more diversity of choices. For example, dressy tops like blue silk shirts tucked into office pants or a knee length pencil skirt with or without a coat would be ideal. There is also an abundance of office style dresses that can be worn. In reality almost any outfit that looks official is suitable.

What Kind Of Colours Should You Avoid?

Another area of importance that you need to pay attention to is the colour of your outfit. While some colours are alright for business attire, others may not be that suitable. For example colours like black, white and grey along with beiges and nude shades and light colours like blue and green or even yellow and pink are fine. If you happen to be favouring deep and rich shades like red and burgundy, try to pair it with something that sets off and complements the colour with a much lighter shade so that the final effect is not overwhelming. However, if you wear something of a simple and plain colour from head to toe, then the final effect can also be a bit washed off. Therefore what you need to focus on is striking the correct balance between these two extremes.

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