It can be surprisingly difficult to choose a suitable gift for a new parent. Should go take the safe road and gift nappies and infant bottles? The new parents would probably have those. What about clothes? If you want to really make the gift matter, it’s best to make it thoughtful. Here are great gift ideas that would impress new parents and their bundles of joy:

Personalised Soft Toys

Soft toys are a great gift for newborns, particularly because these gifts can last. All those newborn clothes and toys would be old stuff in a month or two. A soft toy can stay with a child until he or she is in kindergarten. Personalise the teddy bear or toy monkey you want to give so it would be a very special present for years to come. Choose a hypoallergenic material in case the newborn ends up with allergies.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

New parents may get nappies and bottles by the dozen. You can give a more useful gift such as a breathable baby mattress. This type of gift is hypoallergenic, and may alleviate allergies in infants. More importantly, it would help fussy infants sleep better. New parents would definitely be grateful for a present that would make their child sleep soundly.

Knitted Swaddle Blanket

New parents get gifts like blankies all the time. But you can up a simple gift like this with more quality and comfort. Instead of the regular baby blanket, give the new parents a knitted blanket designed for safe swaddling. Knitted blankets are gorgeous too. It would be difficult for the new parents not to like them.

White Noise Machine

One thing that new parents desperately want but you cannot really gift is sleep. Well, at least you can give them something to help them sleep better. Consider getting a white noise machine that helps busy people get some shut eye in a matter of seconds. It may even help the infant sleep better!

Teething Toys

Parents would love to get something that is not clothes related for a change. Teething toys are quite popular with parents of infants. Babies start teething at six months. That’s when they need something safe to chew on. Teethers these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy teething toys or mitts. Purchase natural latex teething toys that don’t contain phthalates, plastics, or any other synthetic toxins. For those who want to go all natural, consider cotton teething toys (suitable for children with latex allergies).


The new arrival won’t be able to read for another five or six years or so. But that doesn’t mean babies shouldn’t be exposed to books. Some parents introduce picture books at around six months. If the parents themselves like books, then a storybook suited for babies will certainly impress them. Choose one with bright colours and big pictures. Text isn’t necessary but books withy sound effects would be great. The books should be physical, not digital.

Organic Green Tea Bags

Don’t forget the exhausted parents when you give a gift. They would certainly appreciate something that could keep their energy up during those busy early months. What’s better than green tea? It’s healthy and invigorating. Choose a good organic brand to impress.

Choose the best gift for the infant depending on what their parents like. It’s best to bundle several things together. Avoid common gifts like diapers. Pick one from the above gift that would best suit the sensibilities of the recipient.

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