For many brides, their wedding day is a day they have dreamt about ever since they were a little girl. The princesses in all the animations used to have beautiful weddings where they marry the handsome prince and live happily ever after. Therefore even when you are older and you don’t believe you can marry a prince or live happily ever after because life is just not that simple, you would still hope for a beautiful wedding. Planning your wedding may seem easy in dreams but in reality, it requires more effort and knowledge. However, no one hopes to get this knowledge through marrying multiple times, therefore, to ensure that your wedding planning goes smoothly here are four things every bride should know.

Always Include Your Significant Other When Making Decisions

You are not the only one getting married therefore always ask your significant other for their opinion when making decisions. It might seem easier to do everything by yourself but this can make your loved one seemed left out and they might even begin ignoring you as it may seem to them that you do not care. The important decisions your significant other should know can be anything from which unique wedding venues Victoria you want to choose to which caterer is going to prepare the food.

Always Make Sure You Have a Pair of Comfortable Shoes to Wear

Heels are beautiful and sophisticated but wearing them for more than 12 hours can be painful and uncomfortable especially if you have to dance with them too. Therefore always have a comfortable shoe to wear when your feet start to hurt or when you need to dance. Some brides even choose to wear flip-flops to the dance floor so that they can enjoy their wedding and not be worried about spraining their ankle. Most wedding venues do provide you with a dressing room so you can keep the spare shoe there until you actually need it.

Always Remember That Outdoor Photographs May Ruin the Dress

Outdoor photographs look beautiful but can ruin the hem of the dress by making it dirty therefore always ensure you have a pair of baby wipes or a safe cleaning liquid that can remove the dirt without requiring you to wash the hem. If possible try to avoid outdoor shots in areas where there is mud or grass as these can make your clothes dirty the fastest.

Always Do a Trial If Possible

If you think you can do things without a trial think again. Trials give you sneak, to how things will turn out on the big day, therefore where possible always have trials. Prior to the wedding at least a few weeks ahead, request the caterer to make a sample of all the food that is to be served so you know exactly how the food will taste and you can change the menu if you are unhappy with something. Even with the makeup and hair, you may have a hairstyle planned for the wedding but sometimes in D-day, therefore, you may find out that it does not look good in photographs, therefore always do a trial before the wedding and test what you are going to do.

So make sure you do the above to plan your wedding and make it one that is memorable for all the right reasons and be just the way you wanted it to be.

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