Lingerie is beautiful and timeless but it can also be really daunting to choose the right one for you, especially given the kind of variety that is available today. There is so much more than you could possibly all know at once like balconette, chemises, garter belts and teddies. However here are some of the most important things that you need to think about when looking for lingerie.

What Colours Are You Looking For?

If you are thinking of buying white coloured lingerie, don’t. They fade away into a terrible grey colour after you wash them several times no matter how careful and clean you try to keep them. It then ends up looking really unsightly. If you are looking for something attractive, nude shades will not work in your favour either. You should try and choose vibrant colours that pop like red, black which is timeless and feminine, pink and sometimes, your lingerie can even have more than one colour such as red lace on a black chemise for example. Even in plus size underwear you should never feel that you have less choice as there are loads of designs and styles to choose from. You can even select prints if you feel that they will be the best. You can also pick underwear that has lace, embroidery and the likes so that you add to that look and feel of elegance.

The Fabric

Lingerie is attractive when it is made with various fabrics that may not be cotton but if you are going to be wearing these on almost a daily basis you should focus on getting all cotton. The reason for this is the lack of breathability in other materials that will cause potential health hazards for you. When you also select underwear for daily use try to refrain from wearing items like thongs everyday as they have been shown to cause infection if worn too much. They create a lot of pressure and rub against the skin, making tiny cuts that make the perfect entry route for microbes. To overcome this issue all you need to do is select cotton underwear that comes in bright colours and prints that will make you look good and still maintain the level of comfort.

Matching Lingerie Sets

If you want to look great in lingerie it is a good idea to never choose your bra and your panties separately and to try and buy them in pairs so that they are matched. If the one that you are planning on buying does not come in a set you should take the time to match it out with a separate complimenting piece that matches the colour. You can also keep the colours different but match the texture. Also note that the style sense should be uniform across all the pieces that you wear at the same time. Your bra cannot look funky and vibrant while your panties look dull and drab. That will make no sense and will end up giving you a washed out look.

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