You might have been through many things in life, but nothing ever quite prepares you for a death of a loved one. This period of grief can be overwhelming for you and you might not be sure what you should do next because of course, someone has to take charge during this time. Someone needs to make sure that your loved one gets the proper goodbye that they deserve and this guide will walk you through what you need to do.

Family Members

The first step would be to contact immediate family members and let them know what’s happened. It’s definitely not an easy task- none of this is but it has to be done. After contacting immediate family members you can put someone else in charge of notifying everyone else who was close to your loved one and extended family while you focus on all the other tasks.

Organ Donation

Did your loved one ever want to be an organ donor? Medical staff members will need to know this as soon as possible so if your loved one wanted to donate their body to a greater cause then notifying the relevant authorities is definitely one of the first steps you’ll want to take.

Legal Documents

You’ll want to gather all legal documents, especially the will, so you can have an idea of what kind of expectations your loved one had. He/she may have made special requests regarding the funeral and will also dictate how he/she will share all that he had amongst the family members. This is how you’ll get an idea of your loved one’s final wishes in life.

The Burial

Your next step is to contact the funeral home. For burials Perth, you will have to purchase a burial plot and can even make arrangements for a viewing, where all your relatives can come pay their last respects. The funeral home will be in charge of arranging the flowers, Booklets, Music, Priests or Ministers all at your request. You can even request for special touches. You will need to make plenty of decisions so make sure to maintain constant communication with the funeral home at all times. This is your loved ones final goodbye and you need to make it as heartfelt and true to your loved one as possible.

Life Insurance

Life insurance may significantly help you financially, especially if you aren’t that well off to begin with. This way you don’t have to worry about not giving your loved one the best goodbye that he/she deserves. To find out if there was any such life insurance, contact their employer to see if they had an employer-sponsored life insurance policy or even search their communication history for insurance companies.

The Home

In all this hustle and bustle, you’ll also have to arrange for someone to look after your loved one’s home. This will include taking care of the bills, the mail and even the pets just until you have the time to see to all of it.

These are the main things you’ll have to see to. We’re incredibly sorry for your loss and we hope this guide will show you the correct path to take.

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