Sleep issues are a very common thing moms complain about. This is particularly significant during the first couple of months after birth but may sometimes go on until a little longer. Some babies have trouble falling asleep, some don’t sleep long enough, while some just don’t sleep at all. The reason for sleeping problems could be one or many. If the cause is connected something like genetics or human nature, you’d just have to let things settle with time. Most of the time, however, babies have trouble sleeping because of things in the environment. All it would take is a very small change to make things better for you and the baby.

Check Your Baby’s Clothing

One thing that many experienced moms would suggest is to pay attention to your baby’s clothing, particularly what she’s wearing to bed. When you speak of clothing, there are a number of factors that come into play where sleep is concerned. All these factors together contribute to comfort.


The type of fabric your baby’s sleep suits and blankets are made of is truly something every mom needs to be concerned about. Some fabrics can make the little one feel too warm while some can just be uncomfortable to touch. There are also types of fabrics that may give off mild odours which, although hardly noticeable, can bother your baby and affect her sleep. On the hand, there are many cases where babies can be allergic to certain fabrics.

If you think your babies clothing or bedding stuff is irritating her and getting in the way of her sleep, you’d need to replace all of them, because anything’s worth doing for the wellbeing of your precious little one. Visit a store that has high quality, friendly clothing of all types. If you don’t know where to go, simply look up baby clothes Australia. Pick one of the nearby stores just to make things convenient and speak to the sales folks if you need more support. Feel free to tell them your concerns and most of all your specific requirements so that you find just what you need.

Colours & Prints

Many would advise you to opt for very light colours that are extremely pleasant to the eye, and the reasons are obvious. It is very important to be able to spot things on your baby’s clothing, be it a simple stain from food or the environment, or tiny insects, animal fur, or even pee and poop for that matter. Even though you’d be changing her clothing a hundred times in a day, it’s still best to stick to light colours with very simple prints, if any, and have them washed and cleaned often.

Not Too Loose, Nor Too Tight

Never dress a baby in oversized clothing, or in ones that are too tight. You may not take it too seriously, but this can make your baby very angry and upset. It is a common practice to buy slightly bigger clothing for babies in the first couple of months. However, make sure you’ve got a bunch that fits them perfectly for their age and gives them the comfort they need.

Baby sleep can be affected by many things around her or by something from within her system. Nevertheless, paying attention to her clothing can contribute greatly to her wellness.

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