As an adult you are well aware that unless we take better care of the Earth, we probably will not be leaving much behind for our kids. However, this consciousness is not something that can be taught to kids; they need to learn by observing it. Here are 7 things that prove you’re on the right track, and that you’re winning at being an Earth-friendly mom.

Your Kids Are Kind To People, Animals And Nature Alike

Kindness is something so hard to teach; so it’s always an achievement when kids turn out to be kind. If your kids happen to be kind to people, animals and nature alike, rest assured that you’re doing a great job as a mom. Lead with example by doing your best to be kind to all those around you. Do your best to keep your kids away from adults who simply do not know how to be kind.

Your Kids Understand That Zoos Are Not All That Great

Children love zoos. However, the harsh reality of most zoos is that they build cages much too small for animals to be comfortable, let alone happy. The zoo keepers mostly have no affection for them, so the poor animals are often craving for love. Some animals and sea mammals kept in captivation are not meant to live in enclosed spaces, so suffer silently all through their life. If your little ones understand this, and refuse to go to such places, you’re definitely winning!

Your Kids Are Conscious About Water Wastage And Electricity Wastage

Water and electricity are both wasted quite often, even by adults who should know better. If your little ones turn off the water while they brush, or make sure their lights are off before they head out of their room, then you’re definitely winning…!

Your Kids Wear Organic And Cruelty-Free Clothes And Accessories

Every little kid likes dress up. But when it comes to their own clothes, it’s up to mommy to ensure they get the best of the best. Of course, when they get old enough they’re bound to want to choose their own clothes. But for the moment, you can give them green options to choose from, like goof clothing and other brands that are nature-friendly.

Your Kids Pick Up Their Litter Without Being Told

Neatness is a habit that takes years to perfect, and kids are naturally messy. However, if despite the mess, they try to take care of their own trash, you should understand you’re doing everything right in raising them. If they manage to dispose of them right, consider yourself a winner!

Your Kids Carry Their Own Reusable Straws And Cutlery With Them

Most adults nowadays prefer carrying their own set of cutleries as well as straws. This is a conscious step taken to reduce the amount of one-time-use plastic being used and discarded. If your little one notices this about you and requests their own set so they can contribute to saving the Earth, consider your job done.

Your Kids Remind You To Take Your Reusable Bags When Shopping

As a mom, you are constantly having 2 thoughts in your head and multitasking so many things at the same time. In this case, it’s only natural for you to forget a thing or two while hustling and bustling around; like when you have to go shopping. At a moment like this, if your kid reminds you that you need to bring your reusable bag to avoid plastic bags at the supermarket, consider yourself a winner…!

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