Choosing a preschool for your precious first-born can look a herculean task and become almost overwhelming.  With a simple guide such as this, you can be helped with what to look for when you choose the best preschool for your child. 

1.     Staff

The preschool staff are the people with whom your child will be interacting during the entire school year.  Therefore, considering preschool staff who are of the following calibre is important.

 Teachers Who Are Interested In The Children

Teachers who get down to student’s eye-level when talking, and those who really listen to them and make interesting conversations with them are the ideal teachers.  There should be lots of conversations, laughter, smiles and cheering in the classrooms.

Teachers Who Care About Children

Teachers who help the children in the activities, arranging things etc. are the ideal teachers.  When children are set with examples of such conduct by the teachers, the children tend to learn that trait and care for the other children in the class.

Staff Who Like What They Are Doing

If the preschool has longstanding staff members it usually indicates that they like what they are doing.  Talk to other parents to find out staff information about the preschool.

Staff Who Are Adequately Trained

It is very important that the staff are adequately and appropriately qualified.  Check their qualification with the school office.

2.     Safety of the Preschool

The safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a preschool for your precious little one.  The ideal preschool Sefton has to be situated in a safe area, with proper security alarms installed.  Fire safety measures should have been adhered to and children should be trained in emergency evacuation drills using non-threatening methodologies.

 3.     Workspace

The workspace of the children should be clutter-free and without accident-prone objects.  It should be bright and suitable for small groups to work with the right apparatus.  Some of the things to consider are as follows;

Space To Move Around The Classroom

The workspace should accommodate all the kids involved, with comfortable space to move around the classroom.

Child-Sized Furniture & Fittings

The chairs should be of the correct height for the children to comfortably rest their feet on the ground.  Their desks should be of the correct height where they can rest their forearms while working.  The shelves, cloakroom etc. should be easily reachable to the children.

The taps and sinks should be of the correct height where the child can reach over and easily open and close the taps.  Child size toilets should be fitted in the washrooms.

 Students’ Work Display

The classroom should portray the efforts of the little hands and brains.  Children take pride in their work when they are complimented and displayed.

Child-Friendly Playground

The playground, which is an essential part of the preschool, should be fitted with bright and blunt equipment.  Iron, steel and such other metal fittings that can cause serious injuries to little kids should be avoided. 

Play equipment that provides opportunities for sensory play such as a sand-box should be available.  Those play equipment that helps with the children’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills should be available.  Preferably the playground should be covered with grass.

4.     The Curriculum

  • The curriculum should be one that is age-appropriate and enriched with the following features;
  • Hands-on activities
  • Helps the physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language and self-help development of the child
  • Not rigid
  • Balanced with activities most enjoyed by kids
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