A marriage is a sacred bond that two individuals are entering into in their lives. In the past, people took marriages more seriously than now. In comparison to previous generations, people living in todays’ society do not consider marriage as a sacred union and walk in and out of it as and when they please. It. it is also noticeable that people have lessened their tolerance levels when it comes to marriage. In earlier days, people worked hard in order to make a marriage successful. They put in a lot of time and effort into making the other person happy and content. It could be said that this generation living now a days are more self-centered than previous generations. They do not like making sacrifices or compromises in order to meet the other person half-way. As a result we see the rates of divorce are skyrocketing and it is becoming more and more common as the years pass by.

There are various causes that contribute towards the breaking of marriage. One such cause that is commonly identified is domestic abuse.  Most of the time it is the women who end up being victims of domestic abuse cases. During COVID-19 Sydney has reported many domestic abuse cases that have taken place in the locked down areas. Sadly, many victims end up getting severely abused causing lifelong injuries and disabilities due to domestic abuse cases.

Another common notion that leads to the break-up of marriages is adultery. This is found commonly in most marriages that break up. Adultery of one partner in a marriage can cause severe pain and hatred in the other that can lead to other problems within the marriage as well. People may feel like cheating due to various reasons, no matter what the reason is, being unfaithful to your partner can cause severe marital problems that more often than not could end up in nasty divorces.

Another common problem identified is the lack of communication between partners. We live such busy lives that more often than not in order to make our marriages work and to spend time with our families we have to struggle and fight with our schedules. Most couples have complains that their respective partner does not make enough time for the other within the marriage. In such a situation it is likely that one partner may feel like they have to compete with all other important aspects in the other’s life in order to get a little bit of their time.

Alcohol and drug abuse is commonly seen as another cause for failed marriages. Most often those who abuse drugs and alcohol have problems leading happy marriage lives. They prioritize on their negative addictions and these negative addictions can take a bad toll on their family lives. Often along with drug abuse, domestic abuse and violence is partnered which create real hostile situations at home. These are some of the common causes that can be identified in todays’ society as fundamental towards the failure of the institution of marriage.

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