Advertising can help businesses in many ways. Attracting customers and retaining them has become a challenging job since there are so many competitors in the market offering the same of substitutional products. Thereby, in order to face this competitiveness, it is important to take measures that would ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. If you have a business which sells shading products, you may need a little bit of advertising to help you with creating awareness. This will introduce your products such as tents, banners, marquees and other items to the market and help in educating the customers and to create a good name for the business. There are a few ways that you can carry out advertising for this.

Starting with Basics

Advertising can be done in many ways and in different scales. It is always good to start with the basics. Hence, the best way to advertise products such as air tents, domes and banners is to simply display them. This is excellent if you have a workshop in an area which is relatively crowded and if you have space. This will give an idea to people about what you do and the next time they need shading products they will know where to shop. Further, if you don’t have much space to keep all of them displayed, have some banners printed with the items you have. You can also print some pamphlets and distribute them locally, for instance, if you supply tents perth. But you must show customers and potential customers that you have the flexible abilities in catering to their needs.

Internet is Your Friend

Advertising via the internet and social media is an excellent method since the cost is very low compared to the traditional methods of advertising. People these days have access to internet and hardly have time to read newspapers and magazines. Hence, creating an attractive website with descriptive and clear information about the different kinds of shading products available with your, contact details and availability can enhance the brand image and attract customers. Thereby, it is important that you take the maximum use of internet in order to advertise your products. Moreover, it is important that you mention the special range of products you have and also details about any special material usage which will grab the attention of the viewer or the reader. Another interesting thing you can do is to include video clips on your site about the products. This would work greatly for shades such as domes and outdoor marquees used for events such as weddings and public ceremonies.


It is always a good idea to carry out sales promotions once in a while in order to help you bring up the sales revenue which is the ultimate goal. You can offer first time discounts and even referral discounts to existing customers. Promotions can attract a surprising number of new customers to your base. The above are a few key factors that will help with advertising your shading product business. It is important to always emphasize your strengths while advertising and to stay ahead of the competition

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