Research conducted over the years has shown that going horseback riding has major health advantages in addition to being an extremely enjoyable way to spend a whole day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out; horseback riding has a positive impact on your body and mind. With that in mind, here are a few compelling arguments for why you should participate in this activity.

Get rid of those extra calories. The act of riding a horse can be considered a form of moderately intense cardiovascular exercise. Research indicated that merely thirty minutes of horse-related activity, such as cleaning out the stalls, is considered to be a moderate amount of exercise, and that a single ride at a trot may burn as much as six hundred calories. If you want to maintain your horse in optimum condition then you need to give it the best equipment, simply visit horse tendon boots Australia, for the best horse boots in the country.

In the barn, when moving hay bales around, putting on and taking off saddles, grooming the horses etc. you’ll burn calories even if you’re not doing anything particularly strenuous. According to the findings of several studies, this can cut the chance of developing cardiovascular disease by as much as 35 percent. You can develop your muscles.  Maintain your fitness level by learning to maintain your balance as you ride. This will ensure that you do not move around too much in the saddle, which will force you to work your abdominal muscles.

You won’t just be working out your abdominal muscles, but also the ones on the inside of your thighs and in your pelvis. This is because it is essential to preserve a decent posture and stance at all times, responding to the horse’s stride in order to ensure that you continue to stay balanced. This works toward increasing your coordination levels as well as your muscular tone and level of flexibility, and it also helps enhance your range of motion.

Boosting your mental state.  According to the BBC, the number of people suffering from mental health issues has more than quadrupled in the previous two years. According to the findings of a few academic journals, roughly one in four people in the United Kingdom will suffer from a mental health issue each year. Furthermore, one in six people in the United Kingdom alone isreported to be suffering from a common mental disorder (such as anxiety or depression).

Being physically active can not only enhance our overall fitness and give us more energy, but it can also enhance our mood, lower fear, and depression, and give us greater self-confidence. Riding horses has been shown to be beneficial to one’s self-confidence, and riders may experience an elevation in their self-esteem and self-image as a result. The British Horse Society (BHS) conducted research and came to the conclusion that horseback riding encouraged predominantly good psychological sentiments. Not only did it reduce the risk of dementia and depression by 30 percent, but it also reduced the risk by 30 percent.

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